Why FlexPod®, Why Now?

Drive refresh revenue with FlexPod®. Close deals and introduce customers to the latest in IT infrastructure. FlexPod® is the only integrated infrastructure that simplifies edge to core to cloud and integrates with all major public clouds. Get everything you need to start the conversation today.

The FlexPod®

Refreshing your data center with FlexPod® offers many benefits, from improved efficiency and performance to dramatic cost savings.

See how updating to the latest FlexPod® advancements IT innovation, application and business performance.

FlexPod® Next Generation

A next-generation FlexPod® infrastructure solution from Cisco and NetApp brings a new level of observability and automation that can help propel your journey to hybrid cloud. It's the anchor of your on-premises hybrid cloud infrastructure.

FlexPod® Partner Enablement Guide

Whether you are new to NetApp or existing, the Partner Enablement Guide provides what you need, when you need it, to be successful in your journey with us. The guide covers everything from the opportunity, our channel strategy, our vision, how to get started, how to engage and ultimately, how to win.

FlexPod®: Platform for Innovation for Partners

Digital transformation is driving new applications and consumption models that are shaping enterprise IT infrastructure strategies. IT needs to deliver applications, both new and traditional, faster than ever before.

Find out how FlexPod can unleash the potential of your data and accelerate the delivery of modern applications with a trusted platform for innovation that is tailored to meet the needs of your business and unmatched versatility to support your multicloud strategy.

FlexPod® – Unlock Innovation with a FlexPod Refresh

Get more done with the industry's leading converged infrastructure. See how FlexPod can unleash the potential of your data and accelerate the delivery of modern applications.

FlexPod® solutions for Private and Hybrid Multicloud Use Cases

Deep dive into FlexPod, what it offers in terms of the cloud journey that helps customers to adopt hybrid multi cloud, private cloud deployments. Take a look at the different FlexPod why you should consider FlexPod when it comes to building out private cloud or hybrid multi cloud use cases.

FlexPod® Specialisation Guide

FlexPod Specialised partners stand out as a leaders in best-in-class next-generation datacenters based on your ability to sell and to deliver optimized, pre-validated Cisco and NetApp® solutions.

Case Studies

Discover how Mantra Hotel Group, TASNetworks and Mediengruppe Pressedruck have been able to keep up with business growth and deliver high performance and efficiency to their customers with the help of FlexPod.

NetApp Customer Reviews

Hear what our customers have to say.

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